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Amazing Grace Children's Home

Founders: The Rev. Sospeter Ogacho Abuto and Clarice

Opened: Dec. 2005

Location: Awasi, Kenya

Land Size: 7 acres

Capacity: 72 Girls in Orphanage

The Barbara Tucker Cummings Guest House

Purchased a partially completed building in late 2013.

Building was originally planned to be a small hotel.

Renovations and restructuring to have a residence and training center for older girls.

Completed Spring 2016 - open for business.

Profits from the Guest House are used to support the Children’s Home and the Girls’ School.

Amazing Grace Girls' School

Groundbreaking: Jan. 23, 2012

Opened: Jan. 2013

School Capacity: 270 girls

  • 9 classrooms            

  • Offices for principal & support staff            

  • Lavatories with running water            

  • 2 large multi-purpose rooms

  • Library/Study/Computer 

  • 1 Laboratory

Partnering Organizations

All Saints' Episcopal Church

4936 Dexter Ave, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

The Anglican Church of Kenya

Diocese of Maseno South

Awasi, Kenya

AGCC Timeline

Inaugural Years

Bill and Yvonne Morgan, two parishioners from St. Vincent’s Episcopal Church in Bedford, Texas, met Clarice and Abuto in 1999 in the United States.  It was then that Abuto invited the Morgans to go to Kenya with him. In 2000, they did just that, taking a team of 6 to Kenya.  It was this trip which led the Morgans and others to work with Abuto and Clarice with girls orphaned by AIDS.

2001 - 2003

By 2001, a ministry was established in which Clarice and Abuto supported orphans in the homes were they lived.  Fr. Joshua Ogendi, a priest at the Cathedral in Kisumu, oversaw that early program.  Over time, it was decided that a home for the girls would be a much better approach.  The Morgans personally purchased the land in 2002 or early 2003 and held it while continuing to help the children in their current situation as funds for the Home were raised.


5 acres of land is formally acquired and purchased in Awasi, Kenya for the Girls' Home.


Construction of the girls' dormitory, admission of 16 girls, completion of water cisterns and latrines.

The girls' Home opened Dec 21, 2005.


Construction Completed:

  • Kitchen

  • Dining hall

  • Second cistern

  • 72 girls in residence

  • Water Well Drilled

  • Chicken Coop

Mission Trip from All Saints'


Construction Completed:

Installation of Water Pump and Pipe to the Well

Second set of latrines

Installation of stoves, and electricity


Construction Completed:

  • Security Perimeter Fence

  • Erection of water tank

  • 2 additional adjacent acres acquired


Mission trip from All Saints' focusing on program for the girls


Construction Completed:

  • Shower Block

  • Matron's House

Purchase of Truck

Mission Team from All Saints'

2010 - 2011

Construction Completed:

  • Expansion of security fence

  • Installation of Green House for Vegetables

  • Expansion of Chicken Coop

Mission Team from All Saints'


Began construction of High School


Construction Completed:

  • Addition of a fish pond for farming tilapia

  • Installation of gas generator to ensure electricity.


Amazing Grace Secondary School of Awasi Opens!



  • 1 non-adjacent acre close to the school

  • Partially completed guest house adjacent to the property


Renovations started on guest house

Mission Trip from All Saints'


Renovations continue on guest house


Purchase of 35 seat bus


First 5 graduates off to college!


Barbara Tucker Cummings Guest House completed and open for business.


  • 18 girls have graduated from High School

  • 16 of those 18 went on to college

  • 45 girls now in High School


Accomplishments of 2016

  • 6 girls in primary grades

  • 45 in secondary school

  • 16 in college. 


Mission trip from All Saints’


40 of our original 72 have completed high school, 27 of whom are in college. 


Construction of mabati house as dormitory for new girls. 

25 new girls in primary grades are taken in by late December.

Two mission trips from All Saints’


Our 25 newest girls begin their elementary educations in earnest. 

26 girls in college

20 girls in high school

19 girls had finished their educations and are adults now working in the world on their own!  


Three mission trips from All Saints’


Amazing Grace Primary School opens! 

AGPS serves both our own girls and girls from the surrounding neighborhood. 

  • 49 girls have graduated from High School

  • 20 in post-high school education

  • 7 girls in 4 year universities

  • 11 girls awaiting placement

  • 9 girls in Secondary School 

  • 25 girls in Primary School


Three mission trips from All Saints’

01707a_25c813b1e2bd4c2192575e5074fae5ba_mv2 (1).webp

Amazing Grace remains strong throughout the pandemic. 

Although schools were closed for most of the year, we supported the girls and their extended families through this tumultuous time. 


One mission trip from All Saints’ (pre-pandemic)

AG Pandemic.bmp

Amazing Grace On the Rise

After unexpected closures due to the pandemic, Amazing Grace rebounded with vigor.

  • The Cummings saw increased business.

  • Enrollment increased Amazing Grace Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • AGISSA Form IV Students (Seniors) tested remarkably well. AGISSA is now well-ranked in the county.

  • In addition to their top-notch academics, the girls received invaluable enrichment from music class to swimming lessons to soccer practice. 

  • A few of our beloved alumni returned to work at Amazing Grace as teachers, cooks, guidance counselors, and dorm mothers.

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