Saturday, February 16, 2019
Ways to Support Amazing Grace

There are many ways to support the ministry of Amazing Grace Children's Home and Girls School and the Como weekend feeding program.  We hope you will become a part of our global family as we seek to give these children a better future and experience God’s Amazing Grace.

Pray – Please pray regularly for the girls and staff of AGCC, the children we support in Como, and for the ministry of the Amazing Grace Children’s Charities.

Visit – Consider the possibility that God might just be calling you to go to the Home either as part of a Mission Team or on your own.  For more information, email

Donate for Como
The cost of providing weekend foods for at risk children is $5 a week - or $20 a month.

Donate for Kenya
It truly takes a village chock full of people to rear these girls.  They depend on your generosity to receive their “daily bread” and the money to complete the new school and new dormitories.

Operating Support: Child Sponsorship
US$60/month or $720/year  – partial Child Sponsorship
US$78/month or $936/year – full Child Sponsorship

Operating Support: High School Scholarship
US$83/month or $1,000/year – full scholarship to attend High School (covers tuition and room and board)

Operating Support: College Scholarship 
US$250/month or $3,000/year – scholarship to attend College - this is an average cost as the individual universities that the girls are able to attend vary in their cost.  Additionally girls with very good test scores receive some government assistance.           (covers tuition and room and board)

Capital Support
We intend to add housing for residential girls at the new school.  The estimated cost of a dormitory for 48 girls and their matrons is US$188,000. As time goes by, we will need 4 such dormitories.
Money for numerous smaller capital items are needed such as $3,500 for a second green house.

Donations are tax-deductible - Amazing Grace Children's Charities is a 501(c)3 corporation -  and can be made by check or online using PayPal.  100% of received donations are used to support our children's ministries.

By Credit Card or eCheck
using PayPal*:
   By Check: Amazing Grace Children’s Charities
   5001 Crestline Road
   Fort Worth, TX 76107 USA

*When using PayPal, you can tell us if you would like your donation to go towards our ministries in Como or Kenya.
During the review process, click on the box  with the pencil icon in it to type in your instructions.

Questions? Please contact us!
The Rev. Christopher N. Jambor
Amazing Grace Children's Charities
5001 Crestline Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Email: Phone: 817-732-1424 FAX: 817-731-2417 




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